Thursday, 28 July 2011

Yesterday I managed to do a block out of all the main areas, I still need to do the helmet but aside from this I need to tweak a lot of the loops and get to look fairly dynamic as I wont be using any normal map for this. I should also ensure that the mesh deforms properly as I intend to pose it once finished but besides this when I look at the model overall I also want to slightly balance out the detail throughout the model as the face and hands look incredibly dense even though its not. I was very indecisive on the some areas like the shoulder topolgy but after some reading and research I went for this topology as I think it would give fairly decent topology and its a baggy jumper so I didn't feel the need to do a specific shoulder/ topology.

I know the model looks quite blocky which I intend to fix this today and do some minor noodling for a bit and fix some topology and then get on uving straight away. I not in favour of going back and forth endlessly to get it looking decent when i could start a fresh model and apply the stuff I learnt,  but at the same time I dont want to rush too quickly. I mainly want to try various topologies and figure stuff out everyday. As for 2d Im going to seriously take an effort to do some studies for anatomy and gonna start by looking analyzing  the skeleton first.....only because I finally kinda have access to one.


  1. Where's your reference image? The proportions look well out - arms too long? legs too short?

    Also, have a think about more interesting people to model... Mr Generic Coat Wearing 20 year old has been done to death.

  2. Yep I knew it was cliche but thought it will be ok for practice. I definitely agree the arms kinda long and legs short which Im in the process of fixing and the reference photo has a lot of perspective ....i forgot to go back and zoom in.