Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I went to euro gamer a few days ago and got some feed back and the main concern is defining form in my models because it is very easy to get completely sucked in to the whole technical aspects of the model and easy to forget the reason behind it; so I was practicing doing some speedy blocky models to define basic form and without worrying too much on topology.
 then i did a quick portrait sketch after a small thumbnail...and some of the areas look darker in here or hopefully its just my screen.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

quick vase sketch and some portrait sketches..havent done these in a while so found it quite challenging as the silhouette kept getting changed due the fact i cant keep my head still and turning to look;/

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I did a small thumbnail sketch then decided to do a quick sketch in colour. The face sketch was about 15 something minutes and then some more hand drawings( i m slightly more pleased with the hand drawings compared to yesterday). The portrait on the other hand is quite messy and will try and fix issues but it was mostly a quick thing but still no thinking of maybe revisiting it on a later date.
p.s next time i just want to push the initial sketch itself future rather than doing a colour one or i might just do both and spend slightly longer

Monday, 19 September 2011

This year I want to do more conceptual art, well not in the sort of game art way ..but more towards fineart. The art isnt as extravagant as splashing paint but its the whole idea of producing something thats meant to be something but u cant see it yet..these quick sketches should take roughly 10-20mins. The idea behind these are to try and do interesting colour ideas and layouts and just mostly having fun with it. I ve had some personal commitments lately as my dad is having this surgery done all so i dont have as much time to sit and do finished work or 3d so Ive been doing some quick sketches instead and itll be great to try and use those sketches as a basis for a painting or just a quick colour sketch.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

some sketches i did yesterday but completely forgot until now ..

port drawing of friend- practicing pencil rendering

Thursday, 15 September 2011

This is a model of a colleague, its a shame i only had 2 ref pics so it was pretty difficult to compare in terms of likeness but i did the best I could and I know there are various areas i would like to fix but this was almost like a study and it went rather well. This also was probably my fastest model I ever did in almost less than a day and I also managed to get this imported in 3 different engines. It was very difficult to figure out how to do it (cry e3 - for me anyway) mostly because this is a proper sdk and also released this august so there are not that many tutorials to follow but I did get there in the end somehow. The only problem was the alpha which is currently unavailable (i read this in some manual somewhere) so I played around with the opacity to try and slightly blend the hair clumps.
Ok now I'm nearing the last sort of two and a half week time limit before uni begins and basically going to try and get as much work done as I possibly can and  push to get last bit of practice. To finish the summer work, i will do another sort of review to set targets, goals and more or less reflect on the work just before uni begins.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

sketching first 2 don't count i did it ages ago but I kinda like the one on the top right and the bottom right..they stayed still the most.. might do a sketch on photoshop of one of them.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

hey again i know the last post of my face with the clay render had a lot of stuff gone wrong (to be honest the render didnt help as there was also perspective distortion due to improper setup of my 3ds max cam).

However I tried as much as i can to fix it ..and now I ended up with this and currently the model just has a diffuse texture. The photo refs I look from many angles of me definitely did help a bit. So now to sum up I have a model that hopefully has less mistakes compared to the initial one i posted at the start. This model is also very low res compared to the other one. There are still visible mistakes in various area of the model and textures but I'm sort of leaving it here but i think i learnt a lot from doing this model and i believe this is definitely an improvement to my previous self portrait.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hey, Im still backtracking old work and finishing them. The newest project ive sort of undertook is to create a believable bust after being inspired by the Nathan Drake model from uncharted. im not a major fan of the game but I do love the art. This chracter has a slightly higher resolution to my usual faces but at the same time im trying to be a ergonomic as i can; however I have fully modeled the ears though. I think this is great especially for the learning process and to be completely honest I think this is very challenging as all the faces i attempted were quite low res compared to this so I really felt that this has given me a lot of freedom and be more artistic and personally I feel this is soo much more challenging technically and sculptural than endlessly sculpting in zbrush (i could be wrong) doing this in max helps greatly with the learning process and definitely reinforces your knowledge on anatomy .
This sort of modelling really makes you understand  the subtle forms and how much you can achieve with just  3ds max and this time around im modelling them asymmetrically for the the first time. I also box modeled this time round and it was so much fun doing this, almost like a puzzle!. The box modelling is a very good method especially to establish forms/volume and get the initial edges flowing nicely but the only downside is that it can be sometimes overwhelming as you are facing a full model constantly and in some cases if you aren't careful you can end up with a lot of flat areas! To prevent this, every loop and detail u create must be dealt with straight away which means you have to do something with the polygons or else it will start looking boxy very quickly.....anyway I have only just finished the initial modelling with a few asymmetrical details; now i will tweak and get the uv map laid. Hopefully this bust will vaguely resemble me:) if not hopefully it'll look like someone believable. (p.s there is some perspective in the render ill post more in the next few days of orthos).

Saturday, 3 September 2011

AT the moment I'm sort of backtracking and doing work overtime to finish all the work I set out to finish and do extra to make up for the lost time. The beginning of the summer I said i would post something in here every day and although that has worked out fine for some of the time, there are many days where I havent managed to complete enough work.