Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hey, Im still backtracking old work and finishing them. The newest project ive sort of undertook is to create a believable bust after being inspired by the Nathan Drake model from uncharted. im not a major fan of the game but I do love the art. This chracter has a slightly higher resolution to my usual faces but at the same time im trying to be a ergonomic as i can; however I have fully modeled the ears though. I think this is great especially for the learning process and to be completely honest I think this is very challenging as all the faces i attempted were quite low res compared to this so I really felt that this has given me a lot of freedom and be more artistic and personally I feel this is soo much more challenging technically and sculptural than endlessly sculpting in zbrush (i could be wrong) doing this in max helps greatly with the learning process and definitely reinforces your knowledge on anatomy .
This sort of modelling really makes you understand  the subtle forms and how much you can achieve with just  3ds max and this time around im modelling them asymmetrically for the the first time. I also box modeled this time round and it was so much fun doing this, almost like a puzzle!. The box modelling is a very good method especially to establish forms/volume and get the initial edges flowing nicely but the only downside is that it can be sometimes overwhelming as you are facing a full model constantly and in some cases if you aren't careful you can end up with a lot of flat areas! To prevent this, every loop and detail u create must be dealt with straight away which means you have to do something with the polygons or else it will start looking boxy very quickly.....anyway I have only just finished the initial modelling with a few asymmetrical details; now i will tweak and get the uv map laid. Hopefully this bust will vaguely resemble me:) if not hopefully it'll look like someone believable. (p.s there is some perspective in the render ill post more in the next few days of orthos).


  1. I did you a quick paint over, hope you find it helpful in pointing out some of the more obvious shortcomings of your sculpt...

  2. lol haha mike (but im really crying inside though;) ...these crits are just getting better and better:) in my defense that 3ds max model was a few days a ago and realized some obvious mistakes like the central area of the face where it was pretty flat and I took a lot of photos as ref yesterday and i also re-did major parts of the model..will post as soon as I make some more progress:)...