Monday, 28 November 2011

newarke museum visit

some more vd - vehicles

some bradgate quick sketch

Friday, 25 November 2011

I started this a while ago and like many I wanted to do a detailed illustration final..but it began to look very boring (mostly because everything looked too neat) and after some crits over at, one of the things someone suggested was that they liked the abstract nature of my sketches and the loseness in tradional I wanted to try and recapture this in digital. The way I approached this was by blocking out the major areas using impasto brushes so eveything was initially opaque with no gradient, then I used some of then impressionist /artist oils brushes in corel to try and mimic a painterly look. i also customised and changed various settings to achieve it as corel has pretty good cutomisation settings and one of the more important settings to this method was the colour shift.

 This was how i initailly went about laying the colours and mixing them while giving a painterly look. The colour shift is very low on the top left image and the the top right image had the colour shift relatively high, which is why its even shifting to reds..and played around with various options to arrive at the final image. The number of layers were always 1 or 2 which is usually a copy of each other, the reason for this is because the brushes doesnt mix overthe different layers(pretty obvious) so just stuck with the main canvas layer. The end painting was quite quick when using this method

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

war of worldthumbs

some more vd - watercolous and pens

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

quick drawings for prctice around dsu

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

todays practice..could push it a bit more but i know the previous were generic sculpts but this time i used a fiends face for ref.(rob) will need to practice a lot more and ofcourse ive been modelling low poly heads too in 3ds max..and almost done up to 40 heads since september..and defintely getting likeness in my 3ds max models..but i now have to do the mortal engine projects and will have to sculpt especially for the higher poly mesh want to practice sculpting with atlest 30+heads before i attempt my final one for the also doing the same thing with torso and getting practice in but a lot slower as i havent  done as many but will definately put some solid practice..and ofcourse also doing quick sketches around library and dsu to keep practicing observational skills....

 update- got some crits for this and now realised some obvious mistakes will fix when I get their time.

 been doing these tat some point 1 a day to some practice in these are abou an 1hr ...i know they look weird but will get better i promise:) i mostly want to try not being too precious..and learn the inetrface and try out different stuff...
 treasure chest brief ..didnt know how to import stuff in cry properly so had a go anyway.