Wednesday, 16 November 2011

todays practice..could push it a bit more but i know the previous were generic sculpts but this time i used a fiends face for ref.(rob) will need to practice a lot more and ofcourse ive been modelling low poly heads too in 3ds max..and almost done up to 40 heads since september..and defintely getting likeness in my 3ds max models..but i now have to do the mortal engine projects and will have to sculpt especially for the higher poly mesh want to practice sculpting with atlest 30+heads before i attempt my final one for the also doing the same thing with torso and getting practice in but a lot slower as i havent  done as many but will definately put some solid practice..and ofcourse also doing quick sketches around library and dsu to keep practicing observational skills....

 update- got some crits for this and now realised some obvious mistakes will fix when I get their time.

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