Thursday, 24 February 2011

Personal Gaming History

My first game that I ever played was without no doubt Super Mario and Contra . Mario was pretty good at that time and also proved to be quite difficult. I distinctively remembering not knowing how to run fast which meat I couldn’t pass one of the obstacle at level 8 or something which made me give up Mario temporarily at that time. The other game I played during that time was Contra, which I played at my friends house and we usually played two players co-operative this was a lot of fun as there was no split screen so we had to work together to complete each level.

There were also other games I played during this time such as Galaxy and other games but the next game I distinctively remember is Street Fighter. This was incredible at that time as I thought the characters were quite realistic and felt like I was playing a grown up game. The best things about the game I remember when I look back are the Theme tunes for each character that made the game really stand out. I think the limitation in technology-helped composers to produce very distinctive melodies. The idea of having a special move also made the characters more unique and special, for that my favourite was always Ryu and guile. It’s almost nostalgic to hear those theme songs in the newer series, although the themes weren’t as good as the original I can see how the composers are trying to be creative but I guess it won’t ever match up to the original tunes.

The console after the Nes was Play station 1 and although I didn’t play many games I definitely remember playing metal Gear Solid which was an iconic game as it was in 3d and it had all the best elements to make it one of the most memorable game and a successful franchise.

Nintendo Game cube which I bought just after the release of Legend of Zelda wind waker, this game with out no doubt was one of my favourites as it not only had a distinct story line but had an open world were you could travel to various islands through the sea which you were able to manipulate the wind direction, this I thought was just fantastic. I also remember playing various games like Super Mario sunshine and various others. T this point in time the one distinct jump was the quality of these video games.

The more recent games I played include games such as the other Metal gear solid games, the Splinter cell series.

The games are always trying to push the technical limits to produce something more impressive than the games from previous generation, and I think I would like games to focus more on delivering good content in terms to game play and other areas instead of just visually trying to be more impressive, the other thing I really miss in modern day video games is the difficulty level as games are a lot easier than it was before and the games are becoming more mainstream so its more friendly towards a new or casual gamer.