Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hey folks sorry for not posting anything for a while, I was actually in the middle of writing my year 2 review and my goals for year 3 which Ive postponed  to end of the summer now.
I was initially hoping to do the Rosslyn Chapel for the first third/half of the summer which I'm not doing any more but I did get to visit the chapel and photograph which was a complete privilege. I did start a few assets and learned some cry engine so it wasn't a waste of time but even while i was modelling assets for that I noticed that my modelling skills weren't up to scratch and my texturing suffered significantly all year (since semester2). I had initially     wanted to practice doing more finished high poly assets /character but at the same time I felt that there were vital core skills which I still needed to develop and polish. I also realized I did not want to focus on the the so called " Polished portfolio pieces" yet, as I believe this would shunt my learning because I would then start treating everything i modeled as if it was my last and will be constantly trying to "polish" and inevitably spend too much time on it. Instead, i want to develop workflow, speed and technique.
I was over the moon when I was selected to do the Summer character Art Boot-camp with some insustry professionals and most of all other determined students from around the world, which is what I'm currently doing until I go for holiday by the end of July. The main thing about the boot-camp  is the illustious art panel which has some of my favorite 3d character character artists and I love the fact that we are expected to put hours (40+) almost like a job. the other thing which was even better was that it was exactly the things I wanted to learn, which were the core fundamental skills (non of the zbrush stuff ). Its only been one week so far and Ive already learned so many hints and tips to make the model just that little bit better;  since we get feedback quite regularly its been very useful because when doing models in a short amount of time its sometimes easy to overlook or miss certain steps and its good that they pick up on key things and its always nice to get professionals to crit on your work.
Since I'm treating this almost like a job, Im also practicing 2d skills/observation/imaginering stuff in the evening as a fun thing to break up the day and its aslo something i always want to get better at and would improve my concepting and texturing skills. i do want to practice some zbrush skills too but core skills have  priority.  i also use this to stop me from procrastinating  while doing 3d work or just generally wasting time.
I will try and keep posting my personal 2d stuff as much as I can and the personal 3d stuff as  i go but the boot-camp stuff will be posted at a slightly later time once the assignments are finished as its locked down atm.

Friday, 23 March 2012

life drawings this semester