Thursday, 15 September 2011

This is a model of a colleague, its a shame i only had 2 ref pics so it was pretty difficult to compare in terms of likeness but i did the best I could and I know there are various areas i would like to fix but this was almost like a study and it went rather well. This also was probably my fastest model I ever did in almost less than a day and I also managed to get this imported in 3 different engines. It was very difficult to figure out how to do it (cry e3 - for me anyway) mostly because this is a proper sdk and also released this august so there are not that many tutorials to follow but I did get there in the end somehow. The only problem was the alpha which is currently unavailable (i read this in some manual somewhere) so I played around with the opacity to try and slightly blend the hair clumps.


  1. Holy shit Im a floating heaaad!
    Nice one man, I still have yet to play around with the Cry3 Engine, Im still in the " WTF" stage. Keep up the good work man.

  2. thanks man:)not long to go now:) about 2 weeks:/