Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Schindler's List

We usually watched movies on Wednesday's in uni and these films are carefully chosen by Mike and although the movies were good, some of us thought this felt like a distraction and a lot of the time we never turn up and never really saw the point but now I can finally see the point. Since the holidays started I tried doing some sort of work everyday and at the beginning it was great as I was doing something different but the past week or so my focus was on this low poly character that I've been working on so I had not done much 2d work or done anything else so I can honestly say watching a good movie definitely refreshes your mind, especially when you have been non-stop working on the same thing all week.

I did a quick sketch of a scene (about 5-10mins) that I thought was pretty good. I think the scene was that schindler has sort of came to say good bye to his accountant who he has grown to like and they both have a last drink. The accountant is obviously a Jew which makes the scene even more dramatic because of the fact that he is seated in front of this high status wealthy man (schindler) acknowledged and treated like an equal. There are also streams of light, god rays coming in from the right which makes the scene even better and dramtic; like turning point for Schindlers.


  1. Good to see you working thru the summer, and you;re point about the films is correct - it's vital to keep refreshing the brain.

    Not many students seem to get that, I wonder why?

  2. Thanks, I hope i can continue the level of work all throughout the summer and will most definitely watch a movie every wed. (from the imdb top 250 list) dont laugh!