Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Started to fix and redo an aviator that I started a while back but now I sort of know how to approach it better (i think) also my first lady-character:) will post wire frame in while its taking ages...

The wireframe

Ok I know certain areas are slightly more refined than other areas cause I initially wanted to add details in zbruh but I might re-consider. I know certain areas look kinda generic and I will do something about it.
( I hope) but most of all, I don't want to drag this model out for too long.


  1. relook at the sculpting of this figure - it looks like its made from extruded plastic pipes, there's no shape to the muscles nor the overall physique.

    What it shows is you're competent with the technical aspects of building geometry, but you're currently not applying any of your life drawing observation skills to your model... does that make sense?

    Again, it looks like generic student model number 432, not a real person with weight, mass, character.

    I'm only beasting you endlessly cos I think you're worth it ;-)

    Re-look at your life drawings, also find people who are interesting and use them as a reference for starting modelling... that way, your work will never look like everybody else's...

  2. look here: http://icexsaint.deviantart.com/art/Female-silhouette-brushes-2-64606505

    now make a silhouette of your model and compare it with these - you see what I'm getting at? At the moment, your character is boring and characterless...

  3. gotcha!! mine looks soo flat its unreal... will update this today!, Thanks for the Input!!