Tuesday, 25 September 2012

ACT - 6

1997 TRis

Jacque: Great start! Proportions look good.
Aside from a few tweaking of shapes (i’ll get into a little more depth later), things

1,936 Tris---( I had other stuff selected which was why the tris was higher in the previous update)

Jacque: Use the extra triangles to add another edge loop around the calf area, and maybe
define the inner groin a bit.
Sarankan: Thanks jacque yep I’ve added the extra loops and tried to define more blocky areas
and spent the remaining tris on areas like the calf/thigh, also tweaked some existing areas and
simplified the area underneath the groin for better deformation, hope it looks a little better.

Jacque: Proportionally this seems pretty good. The definition of the Pectoral to the
Deltoid seems a bit dark and unnatural. Also your trapezius could use a little shape.

The top of the pec originates at the Collar Bone, and should be a relatively straight line that runs
to the acromion.
Moving down,

Moving down, the abdominals are a bit awkwardly shaped, particularly the top ones. Keep
in mind the actual shape of the abs, and how they are not so

The definitions in your forearms are getting lost. Someone with that much muscle definition in
the torso would very likely have much more defined forearms.

The major muscle shape I’m missing from the leg, is the m.rectus femoris.

What you have is a really good start. But consider looking to see if you can label each muscle in

a diagram on your model.
Del: Looks pretty good man. Jacque mentioned some good points. Try not to make guys
without any junk in between there legs, just throw on some underwear or something if you really
have to. Its unsettling to just see an empty smooth bit. lol



I really enjoyed this task and was very helpful and I definitely recognised my strengths and weakness. Firstly, i learnt that I have to be more consistent with referencing the images. The texturing is slowly improving and I'm positive that it will improve in the following months.
The modelling aspects are also improving and doing a lot of low poly models for practice is significantly helping the cause. I just need to be more analytical with my models so I can keep everything consistent.

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