Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Its always good to evaluate the progress.. so here goes..I think my sketching skills has improved because i feel slightly more confident at sketching people but in general I need to attempt more complete drawings(not necessarily finished but more realised) i also want to improve my colour theory and execute  more confident colour palettes.  My value sketching skills are improving          (which personally I think is a very important skill to have) but at the same time Im relying on it too much and not always reinforcing/developing my knowledge on colour or other areas so i want to try a different approach.
I also intent to explore more varied results and ideas because it is very easy to vomit the same ideas again and again. Thinking creatively isn't always easy and often you need to be inspired by artists or ideas that has nothing to do with what you're doing; its not to say that i'm going try and be all original but instead to try and look at things from a slightly different perspective.
At the moment I have bootcamp (3d) thing going so mostly going to invest time on that but as for 2d, I intend to Slow down on "concepting" as these aren't concise as i'd like them to be. I'm going to take it back to basics with 2d and drawing skills (much like the 3d bootcamp) and mostly work of sketchbooks and practice core skills rather than photo bashing with custom brushes. So in terms of digital work..I mostly want to do studies (masters and such) instead of trying to concept. I think it will be more time efficient and productive that way.

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