Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Bad Luck doesn’t begin to describe this holiday, but as always I was quite optimistic about the Christmas break especially because the summer holiday was quite a productive time for me so I was hoping for something similar this time. This all changed after the second week where all the progress I had made with my character work had corrupted and was back to square one; I say this but it was just my zbrush files that I had been working on. The file sizes for these are roughly about 300mb and this was mostly the reason why I didn’t have much iteration and also the fact that my Wacom tablet kept disconnecting after each save which made it rather annoying. In the end I paid the price for not taking that extra minute or so to save and restart as now I am back to the start. The character design has to be revised as I simply will not have the time to pack the same level of detail for the number of props in the time I have. I am going to have to simplify the details and this is pretty much going to be a 1 week project. I could not believe this happened to me like 1 week before the deadline.

Day 1 – Quick think about character/base mesh/ start sculpting
Day 2/3 – Major sculpting and finish it (somehow)
Day 4 – Retopologising/ uving/possibly start texturing (highly optimistic I know)
Day 5 – Texturing
Day 6 – Finish texturing / start rigging and somehow finish it ..i don’t even know how to rig.
Day 7 – Do a second character (LOD)
Day 8 aka D’day – Finish everything.


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