Monday, 4 April 2011

Game Review

The game I am reviewing is Aion, it is the eagerly awaited massively multiplayer online role playing game by NCsoft and first of all what is it and is it any good. The game narrative includes two major races Elyos and Asmodians alongside a computer controlled faction called the Balaur. The game begins asking you to choose a side and once you have done that you jump straight in to the character selection screen where you are overwhelmed by the thorough customisation process and of course you choose random or presets; after doing so you are then summoned to your faction land which is unique to that faction. 
The controls of the game is very fluid and feels quick, the navigation and and the hotkeys for the skills are very similar to other popular mmo’s and you should be able to pick it it without no trouble at all. The option to key bind useful skills and items is also available to alter, the skill list screen can also be moved around the screen for easy viewing.

So what’s different in Aion that other mmos do not offer?

To discuss lets take a look at Aion features, the quality of visuals in Aion is something that will instantly surprise you as the game is powered by the Cry engine which has been famous for producing dynamic visual content. The visual quality can be tweaked and set to get the best performance out of your computer, having said all this the quality might not be as consistent as you first think as some of the maps looks may not match up as some of the earlier levels, which is primarily because these maps are player versus environment versus player so the maps are optimised for that purpose.

What do you do in Aion?

This is something that’s player specific so ideally you will explore new areas and do quests to level up and get better weapons and once you start going to mid level areas you can decide whether you want to focus more on player versus player combat or just play with your mates and do quests and other stuff. The mid level areas consists of various Rifts, these are mini portals that spawn in different areas of the map which is different level requirements and these essentially teleport you to a location of a similar level in the opposing factions map and here you can fight and kill other players and get pvp points which you can save up to buy a pvp set.  The pvpitems includes extra pvp damage or defence and these are usually the gear you want to have when fighting other players. There is also the option to craft items everything from potion and food to weapons and armors for your friends which you can also sell in a individual shop or an auction shop.

The main showdown of this game takes place in the “Abyss” This is a map where both factions can enter freely after they reach lvl 25 and they can openly pvp in the entire world and as a bonus you can fly freely (there is a flight time) in here, so its best to compared ith extra flight potions and health potion just in case you encounter an enemy. There are also forts which you can capture either from the Balaur or the opposing faction when the forts go vulnerable at certain times during the day and in capturing these forts you make the fort instances available to your factions where they can get abyss points to get better gear.

Everything aside, Aion is a fresh mmo that boasts incredible graphics and nice gameplay and its best to enjoy the game slowly and experience the things aion offers you and this will is interest a lot of new gamers who have not played other mmos but for the veterans the end game consists of pvp combat and running instances to acquire better gear to face the enemy and balaur.

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